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An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is commonly called a guest house, casita, granny flat, or tiny house built in the backyard.

ADUs can be used to create rental income, as an age-in-place option for retiring homeowners or to provide extra living space for the family.

As of 2020, ADUs have been approved by the CA legislature as an innovative solution to California’s critical housing shortage.

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Homegrown Wealth is a turnkey ADU solutions provider with a mission to provide affordable high-quality housing in California in the shortest possible time.

Our partner United Real Estate has empowered the dream of homeownership across America for over 90 years. Their client-based services have been pivotal in shaping the real estate arena.

Equipped with over 50 years’ expertise in property development, sales, and management, Homegrown Wealth is your ideal partner in making your ADU dream a reality.

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